ThUMB team (Šustar, Brzović and Balorda) delivered talks at the ISHPSSB conference held in Oslo (7 – 12 July) in a format of a traditional session entitled: On the origin of genes (by means of natural selection).

The International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) helds a biennial conference with the aim of encouraging interdisciplinary connections on different aspects of biology and the life sciences broadly construed.

ISHPSSB conference program:

ISHPSSB conference book of abstracts:

Predrag Šustar delivered a talk entitled: Mechanistic explanation and the “levels problem”.

Vito Balorda delivered a talk entitled: Explanation in molecular biology: the explanatory force of the details.

Zdenka Brzović delivered a talk entitled: Genes as natural kinds: against mind-dependence and contextualism.

Photos from the ISHPSSB conference: