Aleksandar V. Božić delivered the talk “The Explanation of Interspecific Altruism: the Case of Humpback Whales” at the Summer School “Science, Values and Democracy” organized by University of Rijeka at the Moise Palace on the island of Cres. In this talk Aleksandar examined the implications of certain behaviors of humpback whales for the debate on animal altruism and particularly on interspecific altruism in nonhuman animals. The focus of the talk was on the explanation of the apparent interspecific altruism of humpback whales and on Kitcher’s ascription of psychological altruism to chimpanzees and the implications of this for the case of humpback whales. Philip Kitcher was a keynote speaker at the summer school and was able to give valuable comments on this talk. The summer school was held from June 6 to 8, 2023.

The summer school program and the book of abstracts can be found below.