Theoretical Underpinnings of Molecular Biology



Vito Balorda delivered a talk at the GWP.2022, the fourth triennial international conference of the German Society for Philosophy of Science!

Vito Balorda delivered the talk “Natural Selection: Pathway or Mechanism? Insights from Cancer Research”, co-authored with Predrag Šustar. In this talk Vito and Predrag examined the applicability of the causal pathway concept to the characterization of the nature of natural… Continue Reading →

ThUMB team at the GWP.2022 conference!

Vito Balorda, Martina Blečić, Aleksandar V. Božić and Predrag Šustar are delivering talks at the Fourth International Conference of the German Society for Philosophy of Science (GWP). The conference will be held at the Technische Universität Berlin, August 15 –… Continue Reading →

Zvonimir Anić defended his doctoral dissertation!

Zvonimir Anić successfully defended his doctoral dissertation “Mechanisms and Mechanistic Reasoning in Medicine” at the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka, on July 12th, 2022. The dissertation was defended under the supervision of advisor… Continue Reading →

Aleksandar V. Božić participated at the European Astrobiology Institute summer school in the history and philosophy of astrobiology!

Aleksandar V. Božić participated at the summer school “Life on Earth and Beyond” co-organized by the European Astrobiology Institute and Lund University. At this summer school Aleksandar presented the poster “The Vagueness of Life: Sorites Paradox, Fuzzy Logic and Dialetheism”…. Continue Reading →

Predrag Šustar delivered a talk at the 4th Scientific Understanding and Representation (SURe) Workshop at Fordham University, New York!

Predrag Šustar delivered the talk “Explanation and understanding in biology: the case of scientific metaphors”, co-authored with Martina Blečić. In this talk, Predrag and Martina examined the role of metaphors in science, particularly in molecular biology. They claimed that metaphors… Continue Reading →

Aleksandar V. Božić delivered a talk at the 3rd School of Logic, University of Rijeka!

Aleksandar V. Božić delivered the talk “Sorit, logika i život” (Sorites, logic and life) at the 3rd School of Logic: Contemporary Trends in Logic and Epistemology. In his talk, Aleksandar dealt with the question of whether the transition between nonlife… Continue Reading →

Paper published in the collection “Radovi Znanstvenog centra “Berislav Žarnić””!

The paper “Naturalizam “quattro stagioni”” (Naturalism “quattro stagioni”) by Luca Malatesti and Predrag Šustar was published in the collection “Radovi Znanstvenog centra “Berislav Žarnić””. The editors of the collection are Gabriela Bašić Hanžek, Ljudevit Hanžek and Dario Škarica. The publisher… Continue Reading →

Vito Balorda and Aleksandar V. Božić have been accepted for the EASPLS 2022 summer school!

Vito and Aleksandar have been accepted for participation in the Sixth European Advanced School in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences (EASPLS) on “Dealing with Complexity in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences”. The summer school is organized by the Institute… Continue Reading →

Vito Balorda presented his research at the Rijeka PhD Café #3!

Vito held a presentation titled “Causal explanation in molecular biology” at the third Rijeka PhD Café, organized by the Croatian Science Foundation on March 14. At these events doctoral students funded by the CSF present their research to each other… Continue Reading →

Paper published in the Journal of Biological Education!

The paper “The notion of ‘information’ in genetics: a pragmatic model” by Martina Blečić was published in the “Journal of Biological Education”.

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