Theoretical Underpinnings of Molecular Biology

Telmo Pievani held a lecture

30th April 2021, Telmo Pievani held an online lecture titled “Around Vulnerability: Pandemic and the Philosophy of Finitude”, as a part of the ThUMB project activities.

Aleksandar V. Božić delivered the talk “How Kind is Life?” at the Rijeka Workshop in the Philosophy of Science: Enthusiasm for Natural Kinds.

In this talk Aleksandar is dealing with the question whether life is a natural kind, based on his current research within the ThUMB project. The workshop was organized by Zdenka Brzović. The workshop schedule and the book of abstracts is… Continue Reading →

New project member – doctoral researcher

Zvonimir Anić (Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb) has joined the ThUMB project as a doctoral researcher. Zvonimir will engage in: 1) elucidating the relation between explanation, prediction, and causal inference in the biological and biomedical sciences; 2) examining the relation between… Continue Reading →

ThUMB Team at the 1st CPI PhD Conference

The 1st International PhD student conference entitled “Contemporary Philosophical Issues PhD” was organized by PhD students from the Department of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, members of the Postgraduate Doctoral Programme “Philosophy and Contemporaneity”. The conference was held online, January 18… Continue Reading →

New project member – doctoral researcher

Aleksandar V. Božić has joined the ThUMB project as a doctoral researcher. Aleksandar will engage in: 1) examining the concept of life/being alive, particularly in molecular biology as well as in virology and astrobiology; 2) assessing the problem of demarcation… Continue Reading →

Mind, World and Action Conference

Martina Blečić presented her research at the conference Mind, World and Action organised by the IUC Dubrovnik from the 14th to the 18th of September 2020. In the talk ‘The notion of “information” in  biology: insights from the philosophy of language’ she articulated the… Continue Reading →

New project member – postdoc researcher joins our project!

Martina Blečić is a new project member joining our ThUMB team. Martina is a postdoc researcher that will contribute to ThUMB’s research by exploring how scientific decision-making and dissemination of research results relate to the public understanding of the life… Continue Reading →

Great Success By Our Project Member!

Our consultant on ThUMB project, professor Igor Jurak, is a member of a group that successfully sequenced genome of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) that produces COVID-19. First analysis of the genome in Croatia was conducted in Institute Ruđer Bošković in Zagreb,… Continue Reading →

Vito Balorda at Ruđer Bošković Institute

Our doctoral student – associate Vito Balorda visited Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb and participated in activities of the research group (Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics) lead by ThUMB associate Tomislav Domazet-Lošo. His stay (23 September – 31 October 2019) was… Continue Reading →

EPSA19 conference

Predrag Šustar, Zdenka Brzović and Vito Balorda delivered talks at the EPSA19, 7th Biennial EPSA Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association. Conference was held at Geneve (Switzerland) (11-14 September 2019). Zdenka Brzović delivered a talk entitled: Natural Kinds,… Continue Reading →

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